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GRAV® Labs

GRAV is know for their quality scientific glass pipes, as well as innovative designs like the Helix collection, STAX, Arcline and more.  Grav has been a pioneer in the glass industry since 2004. Their beautiful yet simplistic designs are a testament of "less is more".

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The Best Cartridge Vaporizers for 2021

Get the most out of your THC cartridges and oil with our Vaporizers

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Rick & Morty - Stoner Gear!

The Rick and Morty set is an all around fans paradise for any herb enthusiast. Set of smoking pieces Rick and Morty inspired outer space design pipe, tray, grinder

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Clean rig, hits like a champ. Thanks for the free banger!!!

Sarah Garcia

Fast shipping and well packaged. Definitely recommend!

Alex Mola

I love my new piece, 5 stars for the quality and price.

Julia Brookfield